Click the link to read a beat poem expressing my everlasting love for my grandfather.


This is the fourth poem I have written for my grandfather.  I don’t know if I will write any more poems for him or not, as this was a sort of culminating masterwork for me.  Only time will tell if March 13th, 2017, was the day of my final formal words to him.  I hope you enjoy the sonorous quality of the piece; I think it reads best as a beat poem (a style that inspired my placement of margins to ease reading at given paces for each line).


I’ll love you always, Grandpa.


Click the link to read my second poem to my grandfather.

This is the second poem I wrote for my grandfather.  It came to me on January 12th, 2017, perhaps my darkest night to date.  I structured the poem with simple, alternating verses between my punchlines, but the piece became even more beautiful when we discovered that it had a revolving effect, almost like a recycling triangle.  I also titled it as I did because the first two lines are derived from “You Had Me At Hello” by A Day To Remember and because the thoughts of the poem recycle in my brain all the time.  I hope you can connect to and enjoy this piece, my lovely readers.

And I hope you can feel how much I love and miss you, Grandpa.


Serenity- My First Blog!

A poem for my grandfather.

     Hey there, everyone! I thought I would start my blog with the poem that has maybe meant the most to me of any I’ve ever written.  I’ll surely be writing some non-fiction work about my grandfather, Roger, in the coming months, but for now, please enjoy the first poem I ever dedicated to him.  This piece was written on May 13th, 2016, the day of my grandfather’s funeral, and I read it as a portion of his eulogy (which I wrote and delivered).  Please ignore formatting discrepancies, as Word doesn’t transfer perfectly to WordPress.


A violent thunderstorm crashes;

a brutal sun scorches upon me.

A hailstorm becomes a barrage;

an icy cold creeps into my soul.

But you are my solace.

You are the light breeze and the ocean’s spray;

you are the single ray of sun beaming down.

You are the soothing din of nature’s hymn

among the unease in my mind that’s a roar.

Now it’s all quiet; all is calm.

A weightlessness enraptures me,

and, while I’m lost, now I’m found.

A warmth envelops my heart;

ablaze and abound my soul is in me.

You are my joyfully weary exhaustion;

you are my serenity.