My Short Guide to Prevent Suicide

Click the link to read my newest poem, an ode to Chester Bennington and combating suicide.




Hey, everyone!

I hope July has been a fulfilling month for you!  I’ve had some great ups with my travels, but I also had a rather down moment in light of Chester Bennington’s suicide.  In case you don’t know, Chester was the lead singer of Linkin Park, a popular rock band in the U.S. since the late 1990s.  I listened to their music all through my adolescence, and they were one of the first bands I liked.  I never listened closely to their lyrics or paid close enough attention, unfortunately, so I never understood until this month that the reason they resonated with me was their dark content.  I regrettably was one of the many fans who stopped listening to Linkin Park after their first couple albums, because they became too “soft.”  What I failed to recognize as a younger, less sensitive person is that the songs also became much more meaningful and honest as they decreased in audial intensity (less screams and guitar riffs, etc.).  The songs that can bring me to tears most quickly now are those from the final couple albums, and it is really tragic to me that Chester felt so trapped and pained.

Anyway, you can certainly research Chester’s biography on the internet to find out more about his difficulties in life, but I’ll digress to why you’re really here.  With tragedy comes beauty in the form of art, and after being inspired by Chester’s suicide, I wrote my first poetry since April.  I hope this piece helps you help one another, as we all need every ounce of peer support we can get.  This is every possible bit of advice I would give to someone trying to help me, so I also hope that it’s universal.  The piece is written in an adapted form of Forlorn Suicide (a style I found online and then made my own), wherein rhyme scheme and syllables are both controlled.  I’d be happy to share it if anyone wants the format.

If you find that you have other suggestions for how to help people that I didn’t include, PLEASE comment them below, so that we can spread healing to everyone who sees this.  Be kind to one another, and see you again soon! 🙂


p.s. Here’s my short-list of Linkin Park songs (purely alphabetical order) to which you should listen, to better understand.  I drew the most inspiration from these songs, and bracketed lines in the poem represent direct quotes from lyrics.

Easier to Run

Final Masquerade


I’ll Be Gone

In the End

Leave Out All the Rest

New Divide

Nobody Can Save Me


One More Light


Shadow of the Day

Somewhere I Belong

Sorry For Now

Valentine’s Day

Waiting for the End

What I’ve Done


Click the link to read a shorter poem about suicide.

This piece is a terse companion to “Dark Days,” my multi-genre piece about suicide.  It’s just another stream of poetic thoughts on a page, but I hope you all appreciate it for what it is nonetheless.


Multigenre Masterpiece

Click the link to enter a world of haunting drama and lingering, writerly weightiness.

I finished this masterwork on March 13th, 2017, probably my most productive night of poetry to date.  It combines elements of poetry, nonfiction, screenwriting, and drama into a meta-production of the voice inside my soul.  I do hope you’re haunted, inspired, and, above all else, entertained by this performance.


The Phoenix

A poem that was inspired by life’s changes and eventually sparked my fascination with evolution.

I wrote this poem on September 12th, 2016, as a response to my dying dreams with running and my search to find a greater purpose and restart to my life.

The Phoenix

Though I am enshrouded by the phantoms of the past;

though I am tormented and burned in the present;

though I am suffocated and drowned by future dreams silenced,

I will not become a revenant.

Though my breath has been stolen and my legs have grown weak;

though my heart is now rapt and malevolent;

though I can no longer stand and can barely speak,

I will not surrender a degenerate.

When my mind turns to ash and my heart beats its last;

for when I can no longer breathe;

from the moment your touch feels foreign and asked,

my soul will live on and have peace.

At the moment when the world is shadowed in gray;

when what once was is no longer home;

at the moment when there’s no reason left to believe,

my pyre’s splendor has already shown.

When the air in the night has turned hazy and cold;

when I have lost you, my last loving friend,

I’ll be forced to die—yes, once more, inside—

and I will rise again, irreverent.

My First Poem

Follow the link to read the first poem I ever finished!

I wrote this poem sometime in October 2014, but I didn’t record which day I finished it.  It is the first poem I ever completely finished, and it’s meant to be performed like a sailor’s shanty or jig.  It utilizes iambic meter, and the lines alternate between 5.5 and four feet of meter.  Give the style a try if you like the way it sounds; it can make for very fun poems! 🙂

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