North Dakota

A very brief account of my very brief visit to the Midwest’s northern reaches.


Hey, everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying my retellings of journeys past!  The next one I have comes from my junior year of college, wherein I picked up state #23 with a college visit and catch-up with a grade-school friend in Fargo, North Dakota.  While it was only for a couple days and fairly uneventful, I hope it still teaches you more about the U.S.


The drive to Fargo actually took me through a part of Minnesota I had never seen before, even though I’ve lived my whole life right near the border and been in about half of the state’s vast territory.  Much of it struck me as slightly sparse and similar to southern Minnesota, but it was an intriguing drive nonetheless, especially when I passed through Moorhead, MN, and into Fargo, North Dakota.  Fargo isn’t particularly outstanding or different from much of the Midwest, but it does have a charming simplicity that often rings true in Midwestern cities.  While urbanized, the university campus was very nice and clean, and the city had quality structures and resources.  I basically spent my entire time in North Dakota exploring the university’s campus and catching up with my friend, so I actually don’t have much else to say about North Dakota.  I do think, however, that it presents a unique side of the Midwest that isn’t found in the same way in any other state.  Its allure is worth the visit, even if you won’t see any jaw-dropping sights and thrills.  You will feel welcome, and if you head farther west in the state, you will surely find Native American influence in the state’s vast reservations.  Let me know if there’s somewhere else I need to visit in the state, and in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my other travels!

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