The Phoenix

A poem that was inspired by life’s changes and eventually sparked my fascination with evolution.


I wrote this poem on September 12th, 2016, as a response to my dying dreams with running and my search to find a greater purpose and restart to my life.

The Phoenix

Though I am enshrouded by the phantoms of the past;

though I am tormented and burned in the present;

though I am suffocated and drowned by future dreams silenced,

I will not become a revenant.

Though my breath has been stolen and my legs have grown weak;

though my heart is now rapt and malevolent;

though I can no longer stand and can barely speak,

I will not surrender a degenerate.

When my mind turns to ash and my heart beats its last;

for when I can no longer breathe;

from the moment your touch feels foreign and asked,

my soul will live on and have peace.

At the moment when the world is shadowed in gray;

when what once was is no longer home;

at the moment when there’s no reason left to believe,

my pyre’s splendor has already shown.

When the air in the night has turned hazy and cold;

when I have lost you, my last loving friend,

I’ll be forced to die—yes, once more, inside—

and I will rise again, irreverent.

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