My Second Sonnet

A poem about finding a support system and searching in all the wrong places.


I finished this poem on October 20th, 2016. It speaks for itself.

Alone and In Progress

She was the rising and the fading rays of sun;

she was the stars and the rustling breeze.

She was the beckoning call through the pain of it all,

but the chill not even she could appease.

She was the lush, covered mountain;

she was the home for which I hadn’t dreamed.

She was the beat of a heart on an untraveled path,

but even her, the eternal winter did freeze.

She with him was a story far removed from the last;

the crisp leaves and good mood I could count in.

The season I loved I would soon come to refer to as fall,

though with them, my poetry turned it to autumn.

Thus, although she was not the cure from my darkness,

she and he were my saviors, my lasting catharsis.

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