My First Sonnet

A poem inspired by leaves.


I thought-formed this poem on the way to class one morning, and then I sat down and finished in it writing on October 10th, 2016.  I hope you enjoy; I hope you feel.

Into October

We were an autumnal arbor,

beautiful and bright.

Your arms were my harbor,

and only in them did I feel all right.

But auburn leaves turned brown,

and they fell; we became barren.

Forever more could I search the world,

but never one would I put life or care in.

The air a breeze, some days cold and now bitter,

shreds into wounded bark, and I merely shiver.

Your bay is gone now; it’s been deconstructed,

and only a frigid sea lies beyond, where once our love did.

Now the past fades away, the fall signals one full year,

and the leaves, which aren’t ours, make me wish you were here.

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