The Great West, Part II

Tales of tunes, town squares, and Timberwolves are not all that await you in this post. Read on to learn more!


Hey, everyone!

   I’m back with the next episode in my journey to Utah, and this section only includes some minor travels before the last hoorah tomorrow.

   We went to a goth-surf-style concert on Monday night, though I can’t say I really cared for the small, local bands we saw.  Apparently in big cities, obscure concerts are the entertainment of choice for those who don’t go to the theater.

   I stayed in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, as Adam had class and work to do for pretty much the entire day.  I was able to check out a little bit of Temple Square, which is home to the bulk of Mormon architecture in the city and is actually quite impressive.  I also saw a bit of City Center, which is basically just a few blocks of mall-type businesses and restaurants.  I mostly meandered around for entertainment value, though I was able to catch an epic mountain view from the stairs of the Utah State Capitol building.  The sunset was incredible here the previous night, but we were running when we saw it and didn’t have a camera to capture it.


   I spent much of yesterday (Tuesday) and this morning working on projects for my capstone class, and I must also give props to the libraries here in Salt Lake City, because they are simply more beautiful and grandiose than any I have seen back home.  There was more information on Poe than I was able to read, and I now feel inspired to buy some books before I leave on Saturday.

   Anyway, we grabbed a quick lunch after Adam’s class this morning, and then we headed west for our daily adventure.  We drove almost to Nevada so that we could see the salt flats and the Great Salt Lake, but the flats were mostly covered with water, to our mixed dismay.  I write “mixed” here because the flats rarely receive rain and were blessed to have it but were therefore less explorable and especially runable for the purposes of our expedition.  I did manage to snap some shots of the water-covered flats and the barrenness of the land beyond them, though, so you can certainly expect poems about them at some point in the future.


  We went to a Jazz-versus-Timberwolves NBA game in the evening, an activity that is kind of funny in an ironic way, because neither Adam nor I had ever been to an NBA game, let alone seen the Timberwolves play; and while they are from a city only two hours from our hometown, we saw them in Salt Lake City.  The Timberwolves won the game, so even though I don’t care in the least about basketball or professional sports, it was an entertaining activity for the night.

We’ll be back at it in the library tomorrow, and we’ll be cooking some salmon and driving to southwestern Utah, and eventually to Valley of Fire in Nevada, after supper!  Keep following to hear about our upcoming adventures and the journey to my 28th and 29th U.S. states!

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