The Great West, Part I

Tales about Idaho, The Grand Tetons, and my first day in Utah.


Hey there, awesome readers!

   In case you didn’t know, I headed out west for my winter break from college, and although I won’t be able to update poetry while I’m out here (because I left my poetry drive in Iowa… *facepalm*), I’ll keep you in the loop about my adventures in new states! 🙂

I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday afternoon, and after getting settled in at my friend’s place, we went out for pizza at Mellow Mushroom.  We had a great time, but Adam (my friend, if you’re keeping up) said he trusted my judgement with picking the pizza toppings.  For anyone who doesn’t know yet, I’m an adventurous lad, and that was a terrible move on his part.  Let’s just say that the pizza was pretty decent, but we all could have done without the anchovies…

After a couple laughs and a short rest, we woke up before the sunrise and drove north.  We headed up through part of eastern Idaho, which I would probably consider to be in the top six or so most beautiful out of the 27 U.S. states I’ve seen (along with TN, MI, CA, AL, & MS), and we headed through Jackson, Wyoming, to the Grand Tetons.

We spent most of the day in Wyoming, and I tried my hand (or foot, rather) at snowshoeing, of which I don’t particularly see the point or pleasure (like why would someone purposely walk through the snow for hours on end?).  I was glad to see the forest and snow of the Tetons, but it wasn’t as nice as the drive up, in my opinion.

The drive back home took us through parts of all three states, and we passed by Bear Lake on the ID-UT border.  The lake looked pretty and almost surreal, with the snow contrasting against it’s soft, cerulean hue.  Much of the scenery for the entire journey reminded me of Hoth from the Star Wars movies, though I’m sure it would look much like the forests in Oregon during the summer months.

On our way home, we made two final stops:  Evanston, WY, and Park City, UT.  We ate supper at a Chinese buffet in Evanston, and I think I can safely say we would both recommend it to anyone passing through.  We gorged ourselves after our long day, and the food was pretty high-quality for its genre.  We drove around Park City for a while because I had read it was worth the visit, and I found the city to be incredibly above my expectations.  Businesses and ritzy houses crowd every square inch of the place, and it gives off a very homey, inviting feel.  If you’re ever looking for the perfect town to get a coffee and just start writing, that’s the place to go.

Unfortunately, the cold weather in WY killed my phone early in the day, so I only have one picture to share, but we’re back in Salt Lake City now and preparing for more adventures throughout the week.  Keep following to stay up-to-date!

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